Electrical Goat

Why donate ?

There are a few reasons we need donations:

  1. We're a small team, and we make Android applications mostly for fun, but we need to justify the time we spend on it.
  2. We have lots of innovative ideas, but we lack the manpower to implement them all in reasonable time.
  3. We also need manpower and time to test on various platforms, and ensure worldwide distribution, with all carriers.
  4. We hate advertisement as much as anyone, and would love to remove them from our apps if we had other ways to make money.
  5. We are about to launch an operation where we promise to open-source our applications when they reach a point where they brought a certain amount of money. Donations you make today will be part of this revenue.

How to donate


Flattr is a new micropayment platform, and it seems promising. If you want to give people a way to reward you with a few cents for your blog posts or articles, you might want to take a look at it. To flattr us, follow this button:
Flattr this


Bitcoin is a new digital currency. Well, if you have bitcoins, you know how it works. To donate bitcoins, use this address: 1MZyvKfnzne4jTto21spWPPNkYe1HsNhq5.

As an incentive to use bitcoins, for our opensourcing operation, we will use the very good rate of 1 BTC for $0.5 (as of today, 1 BTC is worth less than $0.3).


We're not going to ask you to click ads; please don't if you're not interested. But you can support us by not using any ad blocker. Displaying our ads is a way to help us. Is you hate ads and use an ad blocker, please consider the other ways to donate.