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Who are we ?

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Short story: we make games for the Android platform. Long story: we think that mobile phones and tablets are not here to replace gaming consoles, but stand by themselves as a new multimedia device, and we want to explore that device. Gaming on phones brings new constraints but also new possibilities. These games can cross the boundary between real life and the game world. Lots of talented developers try to invent new ways of gaming, and we expect to be part of that effort.

Our games

Business Bingo is a small application to keep you busy during boring business meetings. The game is best played with friends. On each phone, a different list of buzzwords. When the speaker says a word from your list, touch it. When you have filled your list, say "Bingo!" (or any other signal on which all players agreed beforehand).
Footsteps is a classing bidding game between two players, each trying to be the first one to bring a blue disc to his side. The rules are simple but the possibilities are endless, and the game requires both psychology and strategy.

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Poketris is a blend between Poker and Tetris: cards fall down and you have to build poker hands vertically or horizontally. It can be played for fun, or as a training tool, as it requires a good understanding of poker statistics and quick reflexes.

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Renverse started out as a simple puzzle game to learn how the android platform worked. However, many people seemed to enjoy the game, so we decided to develop it further, adding new game modes, new puzzles, and achievements to reward the most persistent players.

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Our other applications

Lovecraft Fan is a tribute to H. P. Lovecraft. It contains the electronic versions of his works as well as biographical information. The application is a work in progress, and should include many more features with time, including quizzes and games.


If you want to follow our projects, you can read our blog. if you want to chat with us or with other people who play our games, please come to our forums. To support us, you can donate money (or bitcoins); you'll find more details on our donations page.